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Cafe Sayah

Fresh and funky, in its style, Café Sayah is open 24 hours or your convenience and is our in-house restaurant serving as a modern and lively Café where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack of your choice- Arabic, continental, English or American. Our renowned buffet lunch boats delicacies from around the world and Café Sayah now features Indian Night Out, every Wednesday and Thursday for the adventurous in taste. Tel: 17224000 Ext: 845.

what people say…

The best part of this restaurant was definitely the decor and the server. We had the agedashi tofu and it was THE BEST I've ever had!! I'd really like to go back and try some of the other dishes!

Mark Antony, it manager

The staff are the best! The rooms were clean! The parking was great!I had a great stay there! Can't wait to come back!!

Lisa Priston, accounter
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Upcoming Events
Musical Night

Feast of St.Francis Xavier 
Musical Night in association with 
Entry 5 BD Per Person
a26 Band Live 14th December 2017
8.00pm - 1.00am
Venue : Delmon international Hotel
For enquiries please contact : 34067052, 17224000,36401071